The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Pilkhi Mau came into existence as third KVK of Narendra Dev University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad with an aim to provide strong support to raised the speed of the farmers for increasing their agricultural productivity. An Agro-eco and socioeconomic survey revealed the reason for low agriculture production or small size of land holdings, poor literacy percentage, poor scientific knowledge of cultivation inspite of 80% irrigated area, a considerably huge area of sodic (Usar) and water logged with flood prone area in addition to normal culturable land, poor live stock production etc,

Keeping in view the above reasons for low productivity, KVK function was restructured accordingly to a bridge the gap. The mandates of KVK were formulated to perform following activities.

  1. To plan and conduct long term and short term vocational training programme in various enterprises of agricultural production.
  2. To conduct demonstrations on technologies related management of problematic usar waterlogged and flood prone area in addition to normal soil in various agricultural enterprises.
  3. To organized need based and demand driven in service training/workshops and field level extension personals.
  4. To test refine and transfer agricultural technology through on farm testing, keeping in view the prevailing farming system and situation through participating mode.
  5. To prepare a data base on natural and human resources and identifiable farming system/ situation and possibilities prevailing in the district as a base for planning and implementing the KVK.
  6. To serve as active link between research-extension and farmers to provide critical feed back to the ICAR-SAU Research System on one hand and the main extension on the other.